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11th-Jul-2009 11:00 pm - Changes are afoot.
On the off chance you haven't seen this elsewhere,

If you've talked to Dani and I over the past year or so, you know we've been busy. Busy busy. Crazy busy. We're running around selling jewelry and building websites and working jobs and neglecting basics like vacuuming and dishes, and it's gotten to the point that something has got to give. So, we've sat down and thought about it, and decided to pursue the path of fewest pants -- we're shaking things up a bit* and going full time freelance.

Cue the gasp orchestra.

What does this mean? For us, it's a massive revolution in lifestyle. For YOU, it doesn't mean a heck of a lot except to know that we're officially open for business, and what was a small side thing is now our bread and butter. We design websites, we do graphics and logos, we host internet things, we do copywriting and copyediting, we produce new media content, we advise you on your new media content, we can design email advertising and newsletter layouts, we can fix your computer, and we can talk to your group of people about all that and a lot more.

We're not begging you to hire us**,  we're just asking that you keep us in mind during your day to day. Does your company hire freelancers or temps for projects? Do you know someone who wants to sell things online? Does your church want to teach its members about sane internet use? Heck, does your church's website need updating? We're open for business and ready and willing to do what you need. Our prices are good, and like all new freelancers we're a little bit desperate for work.

So, please, keep us in mind. If you're not sure if we can do something, call, ask, email, tweet or send up smoke signals. We're not just flexible, adaptable and good at finding fixes to problems, we've also both had bizarre careers that left Dani and I with a strange and broad collection of skills. Check out our newly revamped website to find out more.

*A note about Sweet Tarragon: It's no secret that we really dig the jewelry thing. We'll be taking a bit of a break from that in the coming year to pour all of our energy into hot glue media, where it needs to be right now. We have plenty of shows booked through September, so we'll be finishing out the season, and we plan to keep going with our consignment gigs, home shows, and custom work. Sweet Tarragon will still be open for business, but on a much smaller scale.

**That's a lie. Yes, we are.
19th-Dec-2008 04:26 pm - Gift Certificate Drawing Update!
A truck ran into the internet geyser that feeds our office, and our reception has been thin for the past 3 hours, and promises to stay that way til monday. I declare the drawing extended until 7pm, when I can get my stuff in line.

Sorry folks, but technical difficulties wait for no woman.

... and if you're reading this, this is the third attempt I've made to post.

Between the crummy economy, the crummy weather and the holidays bearing down upon us, what’s better than a chance to win some free stuff and shop from the comfort of your own home? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Starting today and ending at 4pm eastern time, we are holding a drawing for a $10 dollar gift certificate to the Sweet Tarragon online jewelry store, just because. To enter, all you need to do is leave a comment here, leave a comment here, or you can leave a Direct Message for Mer on Twitter. It’s that simple. Tell your friends.

And check out the store anyway. From now until the end of the day (meaning when we get around to it) all orders over $25 get free priority shipping, so you can be sure to get your goodies before Christmas.

(and if you have a minute and know some people that might be interested, spread the word!)

12th-Oct-2008 09:57 pm - Hey smart mathy types...
Lets say a person is swinging an axe to bust up some roots. the axe head is 12 lbs, the handle is 3 feet long, the person is 5'10'' and lets say average strength. the roots are, obviously, in the ground.

Can we come up with a broad ballpark figure at how hard the ground is getting hit, somehow, with your mathemagic?
Gratuitous icon post!

(thank you, okayokayigive.)
22nd-Sep-2008 05:12 pm - Social networking has eated my brainz

Now I'm thinking... should I consider consolidating my online identities with braindouche? The first step would be renaming this here LJ. What do you think?
20th-Sep-2008 01:10 pm - Just a wee tiny thing
Heeeey everyone!

I've gone and done it, finally knuckled under and made a myspace. Well, my podcast has a myspace, www.myspace.com/braindouche

If you would like to be my friend on myspace, do go there and do your thing. That is all.
10th-Sep-2008 11:31 pm - more tests
just ignore me, please
I've used vista for... what, a year now? Since I got my laptop? Something like that. It took me that long for me to find a real reason to hate it -- I've found four different places you need to tweak to adjust your startup items. So far.

But don't you find it slow?

Not particularly. It's rather tedious on boot, but it's not much slower than my work computer running a streamlined XP image where the hardware is half the size of this machine. I also don't run Aero, which is pretty but fundamentally useless as well as being a complete resource hog.

Isn't it crash-prone?

Mine isn't. It took 9 months to find my first BSOD, and 10 months for my first freeze, both of which seem to have been related to a bursting-full hd. (bad nerd, no cookie.) It's still the second-least-crashy system I've ever used, first being a very contented Ubuntu. Besides, it's a micro$oft product. If you stare at it long enough, it'll crash. That's just the nature of the beast.

Don't the security popups make you crazy?

Not really. I've used linux systems that force you to not run as root. And you can turn most of that off, if you like. Mostly, you're just spoiled.

Gaming incompatibility!

I don't game like that. Sorry.

Driver incompatibility!

Well, yeah. I have a factory install, so neener. AND it pulled a p-n-p on an audio interface I have that I could never get to work on any other computer, period.

It's fucking annoying!

Yes, yes it is. In attempting to be idiot-proof, it moved a lot of shit around to where old windows users can't find it, and put everything else in non-intuitive places. Luckily, the system search is damned good, so you need to just chill out and let the computer fetch that app you can't find (a surprisingly difficult adaptation to make).

I would fear and loath upgrading a computer to Vista, because that sounds just super-scary. But, pre-installed on a new box, with a willingness to not be a cranky old fart and tweak your system, like youv'e done with every other OS you've ever had, it's not so bad.

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