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A Lo-Carb Dyke In A Sugar-Coated World
23 February 1981
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God I hate these things. A little bit about me, huh? I'm an apprentice bootblack, a big dyke, a sadomasochist, a webmistress, an online bookseller, a polyamourist, a giant nerd, a proud fatgirl, a neopian, an occational writer, an amature interior decorator, a beer snob and a pool shark.

(insert witty shit here)

Please be aware that, if you friend me out of the blue, it might be weeks before I notice, unless you make some big fuckin' stink about it. Also be aware that I almost never make friends-only posts. If I don't friend you back, you're really not missing much.

Oh, by the way, I'm a big filter whore. If I'm on your friends list, you can freely assume that I would like to be on all of your filters, sight unseen.

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